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Why Investing in Digital Kiosks is the Way of the Future

2013 02 22 1639

Before I joined Speedwell I was a Store Manager at national electronic retailer. Over the last five years I managed small teams of five, to large teams of twenty five. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the very ugly in regards to all aspects of retail. I understand just how much pressure there is for all team members’ at all levels of the organisation, who strive to achieve the same goal: to survive, and have enough money to open the doors tomorrow.

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Opening new Windows: The Windows 8 Ecosystem

Charming Reuse

Windows 8 is a game changer, an expansion and merger of the different platforms within the Microsoft brand. Its release is more than just getting a shiny new touchy-feely operating system out into the market place.  Windows 8 is a creation of a new ecosystem, an ecosystem where we see Microsoft’s three screens start to interact with and follow each other with expansion of the Xbox brand and the introduction of Microsoft’s new design language into Windows. Touch input is rising to join the keyboard and mouse as first class citizens. Windows 8 was even stated to be Microsoft’s riskiest move yet. This risk they are taking isn’t their promotion of touch, but more so around their new approach to the ecosystem. So what has Microsoft actually released?

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