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Hunting for Software ‘Easter Eggs’

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It’s a natural process of software development for testers to live in a steady flow of bugs. Bugs can often cause developers and project managers to (figuratively) pull their hair out in frustration. For testers bugs can be exciting, interesting, fulfilling, and frustrating too. When a project comes across our desk for testing it can feel like the beginning of an Easter egg hunt. Bugs can be hidden in the most unexpected places and when discovered can give a ‘Eureka!’ moment for a tester. They can also range from very minor problems that most people would never notice, to severe errors that adversely affect business and/or technical requirements of the project. These can bring a feeling of dread and discouragement to a team, especially when schedules are tight. At times it helps to step back and recognise that even the biggest, most well established and resourced companies in technology like Microsoft, NASA, IBM, Intel and others have had monumentally bad bugs in their products. So let’s look at a couple of better-known software ‘Easter eggs’ from the past and present.

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A brief introduction to modern testing approaches

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James BachCem Kaner, and  Michael Bolton are well-regarded thought leaders in modern approaches to software testing who have collectively evangelized Context-Driven Testing (CDT) and Exploratory Testing (ET). In this post I will briefly describe these approaches and mindsets that underpin their school of thought and have formed the current cornerstones of modern software testing.

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What can the testing industry learn from itself?

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As a Test Analyst at Speedwell, a couple of weeks ago the QA team and I had the opportunity to take time out of our busy schedule to attend the Planit Testing Index 2013 (AU & NZ) hosted at the Hilton in Brisbane. The seminar was presented by Chris Carter, the Managing Director at Planit, a national and international software testing and business analysis consulting company.

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