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A Round Up of Visual Studio 2013 New Features

2013 11 25 1509

2013-11-25_1509Visual Studio 2013 is now available for download, and brings a raft of new features and upgrades that help simplify common tasks for developers. Let’s take a look at some of the significant features.

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The Basics of a Shared Keychain


Reader level: Intermediate Technical

keychain1We, SPW’s iOS team, recently had a situation that required launching one iOS application from another, sharing data securely between the two. In iOS, URL schemes allow you to launch another app while passing in some basic information.

We decided that combining URL schemes with shared keychain access was the best way to securely transfer information between the apps. This post will cover the basics of shared keychain access.

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How to Optimise Your Landing Page to Increase Conversions

ID 100169692

ID-100169692It’s no secret landing pages are a great source in capturing leads for digital campaigns. Unfortunately some companies are losing out on valuable leads due to poorly constructed landing pages.

Inefficient landing pages deter potential customers from submitting their details due to inconsistencies, distractions, long-winded content or enquiry forms, insufficient trust gained, or an unclear path to completion from an ineffective layout.

This post addresses five areas to consider when building a well performing landing page to ensure an optimal number of leads are captured, which include:

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Layout
  3. Content
  4. Trust Gained
  5. Test and Measure

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What can the testing industry learn from itself?

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As a Test Analyst at Speedwell, a couple of weeks ago the QA team and I had the opportunity to take time out of our busy schedule to attend the Planit Testing Index 2013 (AU & NZ) hosted at the Hilton in Brisbane. The seminar was presented by Chris Carter, the Managing Director at Planit, a national and international software testing and business analysis consulting company.

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