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5 Tips for Better Engagement with Your Agency

5 Tips for Better Engagement with Your Agency

client and agency look at the same goal

Clients aren’t all the same. Obviously! Not in terms of the product or service offering, certainly not regarding the platforms and technologies being developed upon and also not when it comes to the amount of input sought from their agencies. The extent to which a client is looking for input lies within a vast spectrum anywhere from “I need a rotating promo banner in that spot” through “I need events to be more easy for users to find on my site” to “How can I deliver more revenue through digital?”. 

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Top 3 Killers for Projects at Crunch Time

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There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of taking something from some arrows and boxes on a whiteboard to a live digital reality.

As the best thing about being a project manager is also the worst thing about being a project manager (responsibility) a collection of enduring patterns emerge that sometimes are outside of a client’s field of vision.

As a project manager, the role played is one of midwife – you are responsible for the delivery but it’s never your baby.  It’s this comparative emotional detachment that allows you to give your client the best service.

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Studio Culture: Enlightenment from the other side

Corporate Hierarchy

Are you a leader or a follower?  This one question summarises for me the contrast between corporate and studio life. I naturally like to have freedom to be creative and innovative, which as a corporate employee for nearly 20 years at times conflicted between the culture and my own character.

The aim of this post is to share my experience of changing from a corporate-centric culture to that of a digital studio.

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