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Top 3 Killers for Projects at Crunch Time

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There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of taking something from some arrows and boxes on a whiteboard to a live digital reality.

As the best thing about being a project manager is also the worst thing about being a project manager (responsibility) a collection of enduring patterns emerge that sometimes are outside of a client’s field of vision.

As a project manager, the role played is one of midwife – you are responsible for the delivery but it’s never your baby.  It’s this comparative emotional detachment that allows you to give your client the best service.

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A Crash Course in SEO

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This is a guest post by Katherine Jacob. Katherine is an expert SEO Consultant for Reload Media, specialising in inbound marketing, link building and content strategy. Katherine also has a growing interest in usability and conversion optimisation tactics. In her spare time she can be found on the soccer field or outdoors enjoying Brisbane’s fantastic climate.

Many years ago, fresh out of university and on the first day of employment, my new boss told me, “You’re in charge of SEO”. I smiled confidently and responded with a self-assured “No problem”. I then quickly grabbed my iPhone, took a coffee break and Googled SEO.  After 20 minutes of panicked research, I still had no idea what it was.

A few years later and I am now a self-confessed SEO nerd. I love nothing more than implementing organic search strategies to ensure long-term, qualified traffic growth to my client’s websites.

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