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Speedwell flying high with the Brisbane Airport App

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New-look Airport App Experience

Speedwell has been working with Brisbane Airport Corporation since 2013 when we developed the very first Brisbane Airport iPhone app. Since then, we have continued to deliver various digital solutions – expanding the app into the Android platform, implementing updates on the iPhone platform and integrating the Apple Watch.

In conjunction with the Online Brand Management team, the latest release of the iPhone and Android versions of the Brisbane Airport app features:

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Prowler Proof ‘Job Status App’ – A Success for Dealers and Customers

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Prowler Proof App

Improving Business Processes

Prowler Proof partners with a network of over 150 dealers across Australia who sell and install their extensive range of security door and window screens.

To further streamline their processes, Prowler Proof identified that dealers needed faster, more direct access to the manufacturing status of individual orders without having to phone the sales team when they received customer enquiries while out of their office.  This information would also allow the dealers to provide superior service to customers via regular, up-to-date feedback about the exact status of their orders and the installation timeframes. 

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Speedwell selected on the ‘Digital Service Professionals Panel’

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Digital Transformation Office

Speedwell is excited to announce that we have been successful in achieving a position on the Digital Service Professionals Panel of the Australian Government Digital Transformation Office (DTO).

The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) was created to work with government agencies, users and private sector partners to deliver a better experience for Australians using government services.  As part of the Prime Minister’s portfolio the Digital Service Standard ensures that digital teams will create systems that are simpler, clearer and faster for all users.

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Businesses and Pokemon Go: New Digital Brisbane Blog Post

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Pokemon Go

Our GM James shares his thoughts on what the Pokemon phenomenon can mean for Brisbane businesses via the Digital Brisbane blog. Click here to read



Safeguarding your small business website

Web Safety

Web Safety

Recently, our General Manager James Radvan was invited to contribute to the Digital Brisbane blog in order to share some of Speedwell’s digital industry knowledge with Brisbane’s small business community.

Speedwell works with a lot of businesses of all sizes in Brisbane, and we deal with many of the same concerns over and over. One of the common ones is web security, and James deals with that in his first article.

Let us know your thoughts via social media, including what you’d like the next piece to cover!

To CMS or not to CMS

CMS or not CMS


A CMS (Content Management System) is an application, mostly web based, to create, edit, delete and manage content from a central interface. CMSs are often used for running small and large web sites, blogs, forums and news pages up to complete E commerce shopping platforms and can include user targeted marketing.

CMS platforms have come a long way, presented in many shapes and sizes. They are still evolving through new technologies and new ideas. With an abundant selection on the market, thorough investigation and consideration is needed before making the right choice.

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5 Tips for Better Engagement with Your Agency

5 Tips for Better Engagement with Your Agency

client and agency look at the same goal

Clients aren’t all the same. Obviously! Not in terms of the product or service offering, certainly not regarding the platforms and technologies being developed upon and also not when it comes to the amount of input sought from their agencies. The extent to which a client is looking for input lies within a vast spectrum anywhere from “I need a rotating promo banner in that spot” through “I need events to be more easy for users to find on my site” to “How can I deliver more revenue through digital?”. 

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Gamification and the future of digital strategy

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digitalstrategy Early in April this year, we blogged about the value of designing digital strategies centred in rich human experiences that gravitate on basic human needs and motivational context; aligned with these design principles, a new wave of digital experiences labelled with the term ‘Gamification’ have emerged in the last few years as an innovative way to drive engagement and motivate behaviours based on our need to have fun.

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Creating an Engaging and Human Based Digital Strategy

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In a recent interview by Social Media Examiner’s Michael Stelzner, Bryan Kramer discussed the topic of digital marketers struggling to create a real connection with their online community as their communication strategy lacks essential yet basic human elements. The discussion covered what digital marketers are currently doing and ways they can better engage with their fan base. The following covers highlights from the interview, including examples of brands actively communicating with their customers, plus tips on how businesses can incorporate a human 2 human (H2H) approach to their online marketing strategies.

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Speedwell Partners with Leading Ecommerce Platform Znode


Speedwell becomes Australia’s first Certified Znode Solution Partner of leading ecommerce platform Znode

Znode are leading the way in the ecommerce sector by producing a highly scalable solution with an extensive suite of ‘out-of-the-box’ features. Speedwell entered into a partnership with the leading eCommerce platform in late 2013, making Speedwell the first and only Australian Znode Solution Partner.

Recently Znode announced their partnership with Sitecore, a leading consumer-focused, personalised CMS solution that Speedwell partnered with early 2013. This alliance provides Speedwell the ability to deliver unbounded engaging and powerful digital experiences through their partnership with both systems.

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