Gamification and the future of digital strategy

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digitalstrategy Early in April this year, we blogged about the value of designing digital strategies centred in rich human experiences that gravitate on basic human needs and motivational context; aligned with these design principles, a new wave of digital experiences labelled with the term ‘Gamification’ have emerged in the last few years as an innovative way to drive engagement and motivate behaviours based on our need to have fun.

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Understanding Consumer Behaviours on E-Commerce Checkouts – An Infographic

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Digital platforms provide businesses access to a vast amount of data. This information can be used for market research and insights to better understand online consumer behaviour. A highly researched area of online consumer behaviour is factors influencing a users’ final purchasing decision on an eCommerce checkout. A poor buying user experience can greatly hinder the success of an online business. It’s important for eCommerce sites to provide customers a user friendly checkout process to achieve long term success and maximise sales.

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Web Design’s Awkward Teen Phase

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Remember the days of dial up? Reaching top speeds of 56kb/s. When you couldn’t be on the Internet and on the phone at the same time. Does this nostalgic tone sound familiar? Oh how times have changed. As the youngest person in the studio I probably can’t even say exactly what’s changed (being only 5 years older than Speedwell itself est.1997). The following takes a trip down nostalgia lane, looking at web designs’ awkward teen moments and how they have evolved over the years.

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Great new features and upgrades to Adobe Creative Cloud

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The Adobe Creative Cloud is a great way to have a seamless way of keeping settings, files, and feedback from team members in sync. Before CC every 2 years Adobe would release a new Box set with CD’s. If they were to make an update you would have to wait 2 years to get that update. Now with a subscription you get monthly updates on each individual program.

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Discovering Cynefin – Trying to Make Sense of a Complex World

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Recently at the YOW conference, I was introduced to the Cynefin Framework through a presentation by Liz Keogh. Created by David Snowden, it is a sense making framework  designed to assist understanding and describing problems, situations and systems.

Within my role at Speedwell, I’m often responsible for evaluating, understanding, solving, prioritising and documenting many new experiences, problems and situations. Constantly I experience new clients, new user considerations, new technologies, new techniques, new team members, new team structures, new processes.

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It’s a wrap! Design and UI trends of 2013



Well, what a year it was!

As a Digital Designer, I have seen some big shifts in trends over the years. Gone are the days when everyone wants shiny and glossy buttons, large drop shadows, 10 different gradients on a 1024×768 browser that only renders on desktop. People have become more visually aware of what great design looks like, be it on desktop, tablet or mobile. They expect to have the same experience on all devices and so design plays such an important role in delivering those experiences. I think the launch of Windows 8 and iOS 7 this year has cemented simplicity and flat design for years to come.

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A Crash Course on Responsive Web Design

Responsive Design

Responsive Layout

Worldwide Browser usage statistics show that for the first time, mobile devices now make up around twenty percent of traffic.

2013 is the first year that Mobile Browser usage has exceeded fifteen percent, no doubt buoyed by the uptake of tablets and “phablets”. Australia and North America both sit at around sixteen percent but the Asian market has exploded to over thirty percent.

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A Round Up of Visual Studio 2013 New Features

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2013-11-25_1509Visual Studio 2013 is now available for download, and brings a raft of new features and upgrades that help simplify common tasks for developers. Let’s take a look at some of the significant features.

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How to Optimise Your Landing Page to Increase Conversions

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ID-100169692It’s no secret landing pages are a great source in capturing leads for digital campaigns. Unfortunately some companies are losing out on valuable leads due to poorly constructed landing pages.

Inefficient landing pages deter potential customers from submitting their details due to inconsistencies, distractions, long-winded content or enquiry forms, insufficient trust gained, or an unclear path to completion from an ineffective layout.

This post addresses five areas to consider when building a well performing landing page to ensure an optimal number of leads are captured, which include:

  1. Value Proposition
  2. Layout
  3. Content
  4. Trust Gained
  5. Test and Measure

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Love it or hate it? iOS 7 is here!

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Apple revealed the new iOS7 at their WWDC event on June 10, which created quite a discussion online. Apple’s transition from glossy icons and skeuomorphism to a simpler, minimalist approach and new features for the iOS7 UI has been met with both with praise and criticism.

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