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Great new features and upgrades to Adobe Creative Cloud

2014 02 20 1147


The Adobe Creative Cloud is a great way to have a seamless way of keeping settings, files, and feedback from team members in sync. Before CC every 2 years Adobe would release a new Box set with CD’s. If they were to make an update you would have to wait 2 years to get that update. Now with a subscription you get monthly updates on each individual program.

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It’s a wrap! Design and UI trends of 2013



Well, what a year it was!

As a Digital Designer, I have seen some big shifts in trends over the years. Gone are the days when everyone wants shiny and glossy buttons, large drop shadows, 10 different gradients on a 1024×768 browser that only renders on desktop. People have become more visually aware of what great design looks like, be it on desktop, tablet or mobile. They expect to have the same experience on all devices and so design plays such an important role in delivering those experiences. I think the launch of Windows 8 and iOS 7 this year has cemented simplicity and flat design for years to come.

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Love it or hate it? iOS 7 is here!

Iphone Image1

Apple revealed the new iOS7 at their WWDC event on June 10, which created quite a discussion online. Apple’s transition from glossy icons and skeuomorphism to a simpler, minimalist approach and new features for the iOS7 UI has been met with both with praise and criticism.

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