Speedwell | BLOG - Monthly Archive for: March, 2014

Speedwell Partners with Leading Ecommerce Platform Znode


Speedwell becomes Australia’s first Certified Znode Solution Partner of leading ecommerce platform Znode

Znode are leading the way in the ecommerce sector by producing a highly scalable solution with an extensive suite of ‘out-of-the-box’ features. Speedwell entered into a partnership with the leading eCommerce platform in late 2013, making Speedwell the first and only Australian Znode Solution Partner.

Recently Znode announced their partnership with Sitecore, a leading consumer-focused, personalised CMS solution that Speedwell partnered with early 2013. This alliance provides Speedwell the ability to deliver unbounded engaging and powerful digital experiences through their partnership with both systems.

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Understanding Consumer Behaviours on E-Commerce Checkouts – An Infographic

2014 03 20 1515


Digital platforms provide businesses access to a vast amount of data. This information can be used for market research and insights to better understand online consumer behaviour. A highly researched area of online consumer behaviour is factors influencing a users’ final purchasing decision on an eCommerce checkout. A poor buying user experience can greatly hinder the success of an online business. It’s important for eCommerce sites to provide customers a user friendly checkout process to achieve long term success and maximise sales.

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Web Design’s Awkward Teen Phase

Thumb 90s


Remember the days of dial up? Reaching top speeds of 56kb/s. When you couldn’t be on the Internet and on the phone at the same time. Does this nostalgic tone sound familiar? Oh how times have changed. As the youngest person in the studio I probably can’t even say exactly what’s changed (being only 5 years older than Speedwell itself est.1997). The following takes a trip down nostalgia lane, looking at web designs’ awkward teen moments and how they have evolved over the years.

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Premier Campbell Newman Sings Praises of TEQ’s new VIC Applicaiton

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Premier Campbell Newman recently published a joint Media release discussing Tourism and Events Queensland’s (TEQ) newly launched Visitor Information Centre (VIC) application that aims to help tourists locate Queensland Accredited Information Centres on their smartphone device.

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